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The Disobedient Detective

by Mark Middleton

The Disobedient Detective
Galley Release

In his windowless office at headquarters, rebel policeman Lee Carver produces reports that reveal secrets his colleagues want to keep hidden.
To get him out of the way, Carver is assigned to help with security for a visit by the New Pilgrims, that infamous international organisation which promotes politically-correct crusades as a cover for massive dealing in illegal drugs.
Carver sets off on a crusade of his own when the body of professional criminal Francis Grogan, apparently killed by electricity, turns up on a Sydney beach with a New Pilgrims tattoo on the arm.
Soon Carver is drawn into the world of Lindsay Stone, the fanatical Australian security man who is convinced that the Pilgrims? plan is to assassinate the Prime Minister.
Before the visit is over, Carver comes to learn about the notorious Obedience experiment, and to face his own death as he sits in the chair in which Grogan died.





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