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The Fruit of Her Womb

Patti Smith

The Fruit of Her Womb
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Molly Sullivan, Australia's National Security Chief, is looking forward to some time-off to spend with her daughter, Maggie, an overseas investigative journalist who's coming home for the holidays. When Maggie disappears from Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Australian Prime Minister ' Maggie's godfather ' believes it's the result of a recent national edict against terrorism, but Molly's not so sure.

Molly must investigate the threats to national security by working with international agencies, as well as ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, to uncover if there is any connection between the threats and her daughter's abduction. Piecing together the frightening leads results in a frenetic race to discover the truth before it is too late.

Patti Smith's The Fruit of her Womb is a fast-paced socio-political thriller enlivened with the lyrical madness and almost poetic way with words of the 'fighting Irish? that you won't be able to put down.