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The Mystic Touch

by Don Watson

The Mystic Touch
Galley Release

Blurb- Andy Winter is a troubled man. He believes the misfortunes of the past year will continue and that some cataclysmic event in the near future will drastically change his life. His best mate Jeff worries about him and arranges for the two of them to take a break from family responsibilities and go surfing. Jeff hopes to lift him out of the doldrums and recapture the spirit of their carefree youth, if only for a day.
On the way they encounter powerful phenomena; wild weather and a bank of cloud which drops to the ground. A luminous White Wolf steps out of the cloud. Is it for real or an hallucination? They are not sure. The cloud engulfs them. When it disappears, the surroundings are not quite the same.
They keep driving and come to a petrol station where Andy meets the Guide, a mysterious and powerful man who explains what is happening to them. They continue the journey, meeting some strange people on the way. The further they travel, the more elusive the passage home becomes.




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