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The Secret Of St Nicholas

Mary Anne Kamols

The Secret Of St Nicholas
Previously Published Book
Children's Illustrated Fiction

Is Santa real?
This often asked question leaves many parents wondering what to say.
The Secret of Saint Nicholas provides an answer.
Yes?it is Mum and Dad who deliver the presents on Christmas Eve. However, the story tells that Santa was a real person and that parents carry on the special tradition that he started.
This is an enchanting story, blending the history of Saint Nicholas with a tale of village people and Christmas customs. It reveals how the love of Saint Nicholas for children has been passed down through generations until the present day.
Author Mary Kamols shares this secret in a way that enables a child to believe in Father Christmas and still keep Christmas magical. At the end of the story, the child is entrusted to pass the secret on to their own children when the time comes.
The pastel illustrations by David Russ capture the essence of the timeless tale.