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The Wrong Fence

Ian Bradshaw

The Wrong Fence
Previously Published Book

Disgruntled investors who participated in class actions against the promoters of two failed dot-com companies are left stunned when they lose both cases in court. The promoters now move on to develop a country club and golf course in Tarabush, using the funds they obtained with their dubious business operations.

Their project will be built on land purchased from their next-door neighbour, Rex Whittaker, who was also an investor in one of the failed companies. Rex is a retired widower, living alone. He befriends Cruz Bardot, an information technology specialist who is president of a trail bike club located behind Rex's property.

Rod and Cal are an eccentric pair of Vietnam vets who, despite their age, are members of the same trail bike club. Rex has a chance meeting with Rod and Cal, which unbeknown to everybody, creates an opportunity for some of the investors to recoup part of their losses. Eventually Cruz stumbles on to what has happened. Now the question is, what should he do about it?