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This Face

A.L. Bosco

This Face
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This Face captures the real time life events of an African migrant born in the early 1980s in Southern Sudan. As a child, Lomuro was raised on a farm in the village of Gaba in Kejiko, Umbasi-Otogo Payam in the current Yei River State, in Central Equatoria.
In a world, where good and bad things happen, some lived experiences are more extreme than others. As a child in Gaba, Bosco never settled in one place, nor kept the same friends, and was quick to understand that stable places and living conditions matter.
Everything changed the night mutineers knocked on the door. The peace and quiet of his rural family life were suddenly shattered when civil war re-erupted, triggering a long journey that would eventually lead him to a new start in Australia.
This Face sets you on a journey to understand the dynamics of instant loss and fear, and having the courage to move on with life.