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Time to Time

Ruth O'Reilly

Time to Time
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History - New Age

As history progresses, a soul's journey through time evolves in parallel, at times advancing and at times regressing, as does the course of collective humanity. There is a sense of living and dying in a continuum.
Eleuwyn is an early Scottish queen living in the middle of the 6th Century during the early stages of Christian missionary activity. The significant role she plays as queen is eroded by an identity crisis when her dogmatic view of the world begins to disintegrate.
Conrad is a simple village boy living at the end of the 12th Century in northern Germany. As a young boy, he is selected to become a knight. He embarks on the Third Holy Crusade where he meets Sir Gayle, a person with whom he has strong previous associations. Eva is born half gypsy, but lives within a community of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands during the early 17th Century when hostilities once again erupt between the Protestant forces of the Netherlands and the Spanish troops occupying the Low Countries.
Bintah is a tribesman living in Canada in the latter half of the 17th Century.
He is to become a warrior, but instead remains true to his nature. He becomes an apprentice shaman and discovers the truth behind the mysterious events occurring in his land. Patrick starts life as a farm boy living in the Scottish Highlands. He gains a scholarship to university and so avoids a dull life as a farmer; however, the outbreak of World War II sets his life on another course altogether.