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Wallaby Stew: Inspiring Stories from Down Under

Di Perkins

Wallaby Stew: Inspiring Stories from Down Under
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Inspirational Stories

Great Endorsement!
This is a HUGE endorsement for Sid Harta and our authors. The former Governor-General, Michael Jeffrey also endorsed one of our titles, 'Australia 2050' by Greg Copley Di Perkins, influenced by the ABC television program Australian Story, has collected equally inspirational stories as told to her by young adults (many of whom are ex-students) whose challenges and responses to these also exemplify the courage, fortitude and determination of the Australian spirit. Di believes it would be a different world 'if each of us respected those with whom we worked, travelled or talked if only we knew their stories.
The courage displayed by these students as they have surmounted unimaginable obstacles along the way to adulthood is uplifting and the positive and meaningful messages for others are loud and clear.
The stories within the sections: Reach for the Skies; Peace and Acceptance; Adapting to Change; Surviving, Learning and Growing; and Love, Loss and Courage, cover what seem to be all possible experiences that humans can endure in this life.
The reader is left wiser and grateful for having had the opportunity to learn more about the strength and generosity of the human spirit.