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Worship in the Beauty of Holiness

Lois Sonsie-Beel

Worship in the Beauty of Holiness
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"What a huge amount of work, thought, and biblical reflection so clearly evidenced in your book! So significantly for me personally, Lois, is your whole focus and emphasis throughout on the majesty, dignity, and grandeur of that music and worship which belong, and should belong to Almighty God."
The Reverend John Frederick Canaris

"Mrs Lois Beel was a teacher of singing in Murray Conservatorium. She single-handedly produced and directed a student operetta, which allowed the conservatorium's resources - vocal, choral and orchestral - to be brought together. In musical affairs outside Murray Conservatorium, Mrs Beel was Musical Director at St. Matthews Church, Albury, and achieved a notable improvement in the standards and growth in choir numbers."
John Ross, Director Murray Conservatorium
Charles Sturt University