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The Hunt for M.V. Moroccan Star

Ian McLaren

The Hunt for M.V. Moroccan Star
Previously Published Book
British & Australian Fiction

A cargo ship vanishes off the New South Wales coast, baffling authorities ashore. The ship's captain, Michael Sinclair, expatriate Australian, had committed two crimes, the first, an act of petty smuggling, the second, a betrayal of common sense which turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life.
Now entangled with ruthless pirates led by the brutal and cunning Max Humboldt, he is forced to watch while his crew is held at gunpoint and military and civilian aircraft hunt his ship.
Commanding the search operations, Captain Sandy Munser bulldozes his way past sceptical authority and a hostile media to match his wits against a shadowy adversary in one of the biggest sea hunts ever - and an insurance underwriter regrets the day he first heard about Moroccan Star's cargo.
A top class sea yarn, told with conviction and authority.



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