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Thylacine Man

Noel Tuckey

Thylacine Man
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

A brilliant, fast action novel from the prolific pen of freelance author N.G.Tuckey, which explores the hidden world of the elusive Tasmanian tiger, presumed extinct since 1936. Incredibly, new pictures are captured deep in the rainforest of this unique marsupial, and a doubting world is stunned by their release. Based on actual events, gripping battles erupt between conservationists desperately working to save the species, a government corrupted by multinational oil search barons, and the mysterious CEO of the Barrandelli Bio-Link Foundation. Then a strange prehistoric animal is taken alive from the deep Pacific Ocean. A banquet of this new seafood poisons a group of Chinese political leaders, and a covert international hunt is organised to capture the last surviving tigers, in a desperate bid to save the dying politicians.
In a gripping twist, the world will wait and wonder if just two incredibly brave conservationists can save these Tasmanian tigers and somehow revive the species, or will an uncaring world destroy forever the rarest animal of them all?
Review: When I first received this new novel for review, I was intrigued by the title - who or what was a thylacine? After a bit of research, I discovered that it actually refers to the now believed-to-be extinct Tasmanian Tiger.




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